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Got some questions? Our FAQs page has answers!


We often get questions from how to decorate your home to why Amish furniture to what is Mattie Lu. So, we thought we would dedicate a page to our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and include responses. Don’t see your question? Leave us a comment or send us an email at


What is Mattie Lu?

Mattie Lu, a Texas-based company, is a new breed of online furniture stores offering high quality and customization at affordable prices. LuDonne and Christen, the mother and daughter duo driving Mattie Lu, focus on quality products, excellent customer service and 100% customer satisfaction. They have a strong vetting and selection process on Amish builders – only offering products they would have in their own homes.

We offer furniture made to fit every aspect of your home – from style to size to color to design. At Mattie Lu, our artisan Amish craftsmen make that happen for our customers every day. From the selection of wood to the first cuts to the final touches, every piece from Mattie Lu is lovingly created with your specifications in mind. Available styles include Arts and Crafts, Contemporary, Cottage, Country, Industrial, Mission, Modern, Rustic, Shaker, Traditional and Transitional.

With so many choices and beautiful pieces, you may need a little help making a decision. Don’t worry – we’ve thought about that too. Our design and concierge services can step in and guide you through the process. We know you’ll love the end result and will enjoy it for years to come.

Because no one home is the same – and no one person’s needs and desires are the same – knowing where to start when you update a room or makeover your entire house can be a challenge. Mattie Lu’s blog is your “go to” resource for inspiration, creative ideas, unique furnishings, shopping guides and more.

Why is décor so important?

We believe that your home should be a place where you love to live. In order to achieve this, your furniture and home décor should reflect your personality, fit well into your home and function perfectly with your lifestyle. When this is achieved, then life becomes effortless…a house becomes a home.

How do I start decorating?

Have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse, especially after purchasing furniture or home décor? Knowing your design style is key to decorating your home and alleviating these types of purchases. Think of it this way…decorating without knowing your design style is like heading out on a road trip without having the address for your destination. You’ll eventually get there…but with some windy roads and dead-end streets.

There are some great design quizzes on the internet to help you discover your design style. You can also check out our blog posts related to discovering your personal design style here. 

Do you offer any programs or courses to help beginners learn how to decorate?

Currently, we don’t offer any formal programs or courses of this nature. But, we would be happy to help with any questions that you might have. Feel free to contact us

Why custom furniture over store bought? What are the benefits?

Recognizing the importance of time, Mattie Lu has redefined the furniture shopping experience. Instead of driving to a store – dealing with weather, traffic, parking, crowds, cramped display rooms, and pushy sales people – to purchase mass produced furniture, Mattie Lu’s customers can customize their Amish crafted furniture to fit the way they live…all from the comfort of their home. For individuals like ourselves that are time sensitive, having the ability to click and buy any of the unique, made-to-order furnishings displayed on our website is a very compelling way to furnish your home.

Quality is key when purchasing furniture. Custom furniture from Mattie Lu is made from premium hardwoods by artisan craftsmen whereas mass-produced furniture from a store is made on an assembly line and the quality of wood varies. Secondly, custom furniture is made especially for your home, so it’s unique and fits perfectly in your home. Mass-produced furniture lacks this distinguishing element. Finally, custom furniture from Mattie Lu is heirloom quality and made to last whereas mass-produced furniture will wear out within a shorter period of time.

Where can I find inspiration for my home?

The internet is a great place to find inspiration for home decor. We find Pinterest to be a great resource as well for inspiration. Our blog has new articles coming out every week in which you can find inspiration, shopping guides, and helpful tips on decorating for your unique style. 

What is Amish craftsmanship?

Since starting Mattie Lu, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know the Amish builders in Indiana and Ohio as well as their families. We’ve visited their shops and have been invited to several of their homes for dinner. They are genuinely nice, honest, hardworking people. Their craftsmanship is simply amazing. They use old world techniques combined with modern designs to make stylish solid wood furniture.