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Meet The Builder – Focus on Old Town Oak

At Mattie Lu, we pride ourselves on offering quality furniture made with care and attention to detail. This is possible through the craftsmanship of our designers, whose passion and dedication to perfection shines through each piece. We feel it is important to highlight these incredible carpenters and the work they do. In in our new segment, Meet The Builder, we’ll be dedicating an entire blog post to each of our designers. We’ll showcase their history, method, and discuss some of their work we’re currently obsessing over. Today’s feature is Old Town Oak. This husband and wife team have been handcrafting gorgeous wood workings for 20 years and counting. Best known for their innovative, custom designs, Old Town Oak places customer service as the top priority. In addition to offering classic pedestal, country turned legs, shaker plain leg, mission, shaker, and Queen Ann style, Old Town Oak stands out from the competition with two styles unique to them. “Old World” and “1890’s” offer an antique design for those seeking a nostalgic decor style.  Specifically today we’ll be looking at their terrific pieces which are perfect for the kiddos in your home.

French Country Hutch Top 

Mattie Lu

This piece is perfect if you are looking for a place to store and showcase your child’s trinkets. Soccer trophies? Science Fair medals? All can be displayed in an organized manner without over cluttering the room with this perfect piece.

Bunk Bed With Bookcase

Mattie Lu

The Bunk Bed with Bookcase is perfect for multi-children families. Especially if your little ones are involved in a number of after school activities. Shared spaces don’t have to mean limited space. The implementation of the bookcase into the bunk bed creates additional storage to keep your home organized.

Berkley 7-Drawer Dresser 

Mattie Lu

New moms know – there is never enough storage. No matter how many nooks, crannies, drawers and bins you may have, they always seem to fill up in seconds. That is why this Berkley 7-Drawer Dresser is perfect for the busy mom. Plenty of storage and a changing station built in to save you space as well.

McCoy Crib

Mattie Lu

Kids grow up right before our eyes. It seems like you blink, and suddenly they’re headed to college! It’s a magical thing to watch them grow and mature, but let’s be honest – it can get expensive quickly. So the more pieces you can utilize for long periods of time, the better. Pieces like the McCoy 3-in-1 Crib are terrific to transition from infant to toddler to childhood. Because of the transitional design of the crib, you’ll be able to easily transition your baby into their childhood bed without spending a fortune. You’ll also be able to trust the craftsmanship of the piece and feel confident with your child sleeping soundly for years.

When it comes to choosing furniture for your children, you want to ensure the pieces are safe, long lasting and versatile.  This is why choosing high quality products is vital. Old Town Oak’s products provide you with the safety you want and the assurance that you’ll be able to use this furniture for years to come. Rather than purchase run-of-the-mill furniture from a mass-produced mega store, selecting pieces from handmade designers will ultimately serve your needs best. You won’t have to worry about your children outgrowing their dresser as fast as the outgrow their shoes. You can feel confident knowing these pieces were made with passion and attention to detail. Who knows? They may even use the very same piece when they have children of their own. So you’re buying more than just a piece of furniture, it’s something truly special to share with your family for generations to come.


Mattie Lu made to fit every aspect of your home - from style to size to color to design. At Mattie Lu, our artisan Amish craftsmen make imagination come to life for our customers every day. We are a lifestyle furnishings company owned by a mother and daughter duo. We're ready to help you create the interior furnishings of your dreams.

From the selection of wood to the first cuts to the final touches, every piece from Mattie Lu is lovingly created with your specifications in mind. We know you'll love the end result and will enjoy it for years to come!

Made to order. Made to love.

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