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Made to Order Furniture – Mass Produced vs Amish Furniture

We’ve all been there: you find a piece you are absolutely in love with, you purchase it immediately, when it finally arrives, you are devastated. Not only is this not what you had envisioned, it’s not the quality you had been assured of either. You’ve now wasted your time, energy, and money. You may not be able to get any of those back, in particular your time or energy. You’ll now have to scour the internet and various furniture showrooms to once again find your ideal piece, and hopefully this time you won’t be let down. Or do you? Shouldn’t an easier, more cost efficient option exist? Well, the good news is, you’re not alone in this most frustrating scenario. Many people waste hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on furniture that is low quality and falsely advertised. Most think that purchasing custom Amish furniture is simply too expensive or won’t fit into their ideal aesthetic. You might be shocked to learn this isn’t true. In today’s blog we’re going to discuss the differences between store bought furniture and Amish furniture. What are their biggest similarities? What are their biggest differences? Which will save you more money? Which will last longer? Which fits best into your personal design style? You may be overwhelmed by all of the questions you have, but don’t worry! We’re here to answer them all and show you how easy it can be to get exactly what you’re looking for.


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There’s no question – when it comes to store bought versus Amish made furniture, the winner is clear. We’ve discussed this in a previous post, but store bought furniture is often made with dangerous chemicals. These can overtime leak into your home and potentially pose health risks to you and your family. Store bought furniture is, by in large, made by machines. This means that the pieces are made rapidly and although most check for quality assurance, there are going to be numerous cases where defects aren’t caught in time. This can cause dangerous accidents to occur if you happen to be the unlucky customer who purchases this damaged item. Having someone make a piece by hand means you are receiving a piece of furniture made by a professional who’s life’s passion is woodwork. They are going to take pride in their design and settle for nothing less than the best. You have someone overseeing the entire process from start to finish. Each nook and cranny will be checked at each point to ensure perfection.


Mattie Lu

So, there’s no denying that mass produced or store bought furniture can be exquisite. Hey, they put out some good pieces at times. You may have your heart set on a beautiful, timeless table or nightstand and feel that you’ll never love anything more. That’s completely understandable. However, if you have your heart set on a particular design aesthetic, don’t you want it to be as unique as you are? The problem with store bought furniture is that there is no one behind the scenes designing for you. Meaning no one at these chains is sitting back and contemplating how this piece is going to best accommodate your needs for your individual space. They aren’t accounting for that one corner in your house that juts out kind of funny, or staining that table just perfectly to match your dining room paint. They’ve designed a piece that’s on trend and will sell multiple units. Whereas purchasing an Amish made piece would allow for you to discuss ALL of your unique wants and desires. No matter how quirky or outrageous they may seem, it’s possible to dream up a piece and have it arrive to your home exactly as you imagined it. This will allow for your entire vision to be made into a reality. You’ll love the piece for longer, and because it’s handmade, it will last longer as well. Additionally, you can customize it further in the future if you decide you want to switch things up. Store bought just simply can’t compare to this.

Long Term Benefits

Mattie Lu

The reason you purchase furniture is to enjoy it for years to come. You envision your family gathering around for holiday traditions and creating memories that last a lifetime. Not a year or maybe two. So why would you purchase furniture that will consistently need to be replaced? It simply doesn’t make sense. Just because a brand has a big name or thousands of followers on social media doesn’t mean their pieces are quality. Often times, it means the opposite. Anything that is made without precision and attention to detail is going to wear down over time. You need items that will withstand the test of time. This can only be assured through handmade items. Although it is more of an investment initially, you’ll end up spending much less when you aren’t having to repurchase the same piece every few years.

Your home is your sanctuary. You are supposed to be able to find peace, tranquility, and yourself reflected in your space. You want to enter your home and not worry about what might break or get ruined. Having company over shouldn’t result in a panic attack about whether or not they’ll notice the dents in the table. You want to invite others into your space without worry. You don’t have to put yourself through the hassle of running to every store in town to find the perfect piece, either. You should be able to communicate your needs one time, and get exactly what you always dreamed of. You might be surprised to learn that Amish handmade furniture can accommodate any design style to your complete satisfaction. There is nothing like completing your home design and feeling at peace. You deserve that, so stop denying yourself what you truly want! Now that you are equipped with the necessary information, finding your perfect piece can begin today.

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Mattie Lu made to fit every aspect of your home - from style to size to color to design. At Mattie Lu, our artisan Amish craftsmen make imagination come to life for our customers every day. We are a lifestyle furnishings company owned by a mother and daughter duo. We're ready to help you create the interior furnishings of your dreams.

From the selection of wood to the first cuts to the final touches, every piece from Mattie Lu is lovingly created with your specifications in mind. We know you'll love the end result and will enjoy it for years to come!

Made to order. Made to love.

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