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Shopping Guide for Office Furniture

When it comes to finding the ideal furniture for your office space, many people assume purchasing the most cost effective option is the best decision. As we covered in our last blog post, this can actually end up costing your business far more in the long run. Another mistake customers often make when selecting office furniture is failing to properly measure your spacial parameters. This can lead to a cramped work space, which can lead to inefficiency during the work week. A terrific way to create an environment that will promote maximum productivity and overall effectiveness is to make sure your furniture is high quality, measured correctly, and synonymous with the desired design style. You can’t expect employees to get work done in a timely manner if they aren’t able to sit comfortably and focus on the task at hand. Perhaps you are self-employed or work out of a home office. Even if you walk to your office from your kitchen, you work space needs to be a place in which you can focus and tackle your daily tasks. Productivity should be your top priority when planning out any office decor. Everything about your design should help to keep your mind locked in to your workload. If anything about your office furniture distracts you from the tasks at hand, you might want to consider a re-design. If you’re ready to complete your office vision and design a space of productivity, then keep reading!

Activities & Functions


Before beginning any type of design project, you must first consider what the space will be used for. Look at the space provided and imagine exactly what will be the daily happenings. Will there be conferences? How many people will need personal desk space? How much foot traffic will be in and out on a daily basis? How long will each employee be sitting at their desk? Do you want individual spaces or a communal work space? All of these questions need to be asked before purchasing any office furniture. Considering daily activities will help you choose the right furniture that will promote ultimate productivity. Several studies show that employees will work harder and longer if they feel more comfortable in their work space. Planning the design around the employees needs will ensure the comfort level of those working in the office and thus promote higher quality output. Again, this is true if you are self employed as well. If you are sitting for multiple hours at a time, something like the Akron Desk Chair is going to give you better lower back support. This is important as many people with desk jobs consistently suffer from pain caused by poorly constructed chairs. So definitely consider how long you or your employees will be working at a desk in order to determine the level of comfort your desk chair will require.


Mattie Lu

This may seem like a no brainer, but you might be surprised to learn how many people purchase office furniture without measuring the space. This is another reason why considering the activities of a room is so important. You’ll need to consider what will be happening inside each room in the office, and then determine how much space you will need for said activities. Additionally, you’ll need to get exact measurements for each of the rooms and measure how much space you’ll need around the furniture in the room. Many people over or underestimate these items and it leaves them in a world of chaos. The space to furniture ratio can really shape how a client perceives your business. An office that has too much empty space is going to look unprepared and unprofessional. On the same note, an office with no room to perform basic functions is going to look disorganized and unreliable. So finding the perfect balance is essential to attracting the right clientele. Many people like to utilize the trend of communal spaces for smaller offices. If you’re working in a rather confined space, don’t be afraid to incorporate multi-function furniture. You can always find pieces, like the Executive Table, which can function as a communal workspace and meeting gathering. You’ll find that no matter the office size, there is always a solution to creating a perfectly balanced space.


Mattie Lu

Let’s talk time expectancy. Before purchasing furniture for your home or business’ office space, you need to consider the length of time you expect to be in that space. Look at your productivity and growth over the past year. Determine what your growth expectancy is for the next year to five years. Consider whether or not this growth will affect where you conduct your daily business. If you expect to move into a new office space and plan on a redesign when you move in, you’ll want to pick furniture that will translate easily into a new design. You should also look at how easy it will be to give your existing furniture a makeover if you veer from your current design style completely. This is another reason to purchase furniture you know you will love for a lifetime. Purchasing new furniture every time you move offices can get extremely expensive for a fast-growing business. In order to save yourself some money, you’ll want to choose furniture pieces that are not only easy to incorporate into any design, but also made to last through the years. Choose neutral styles and colors, as seen in the Bradshaw Desk Chair, which are easily transitional and made with high quality products, intended to last for years.

Design Style


The appearance of your office is tremendously important. It is the first impression that you give to your clients. You office appearance tells your clients who you are, what you are going to accomplish, and how you get things done before you ever say one word to them. A client will feel at ease and trusting of your company or completely put off by your company from the moment they step into your lobby area. Given this information, it’s crucial to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when selecting your design style for your office. You want to create an environment that welcomes clients in and puts them immediately into the desired mindset. So start by considering how you want them to feel from the moment they enter the door. For example, most people would want their therapist’s office to feel comforting and peaceful rather than professional or business-like. You’d expect more cushioned, comfortable chairs like the Edelweiss Client Chair. Whereas stepping into a stock broker’s office, you’d want to feel as though the company is professional, organized, and on top of things. In that kind of office, you’d want something more like a Sherita Desk Chair. The appearance of an office space has such a profound impact on those entering it, therefore, you should carefully consider your message to clients.

Office furniture should ultimately serve a purpose. All pieces in an workspace need to promote productivity, enhance the desired environment, and last through all transitional time periods. If your office furniture isn’t performing all three of these tasks, it’s time for a change. Every little thing can really help to grow your business, so even the smallest details should matter. Furniture may not seem like the most important factor when it comes to your company’s efficiency, but as we discussed, the type of workspace you’re using can make or break your daily output. Decide to invest in pieces that will ultimately encourage the kind of work you always dreamed of. You can grow your business exponentially just by making a few key changes. Don’t suffer in a desk chair that gives you back problems. Don’t climb over your coworkers to reach the printer. Don’t distract yourself or others with a hodge-podge of design styles. When you feel more at ease in your place of work, you’ll feel more prepared to conquer your goals.

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