Buying Cheap Furniture is Expensive

So you’ve been reading our blogs, you’ve determined your design style, you’ve chosen your paint color, and you’re finally ready to purchase your wood furniture to complete your dream home. The excitement is almost palpable and your perfect home is within reach. Now the only question is, where to start? It can often seem confusing to fully understand where your money is best spent. You do your best to work hard for your money, and therefore want to stretch your dollar as far as possible. No matter your budget, no one wants to spend money on items if they aren’t going to be worth the price tag. On the flip side, purchasing lower end items because they save a few dollars can end up costing you more in the long run. Of course we all love a good bargain, but that doesn’t mean all deals are good deals. Many people don’t realize that mass produced furniture can actually be deceiving. You too may be surprised to learn that lower end furniture can cost you in replacement pieces but also in medical bills. Believe it or not, poorly made furniture can be detrimental to your health as well.  So how do you determine what to spend your money on and when it is okay to save a few bucks? The answers may not be as complex as you might think. We’re going to break down exactly how to pick your furniture and why opting for the cheaper option can have serious consequences, both financially and physically.

So what’s the big deal with purchasing cheap furniture? Well, for one, it’s not made with quality materials. This fact alone means that your pieces aren’t going to stand the test of time. Normal wear and tear will ultimately destroy the furniture, thus rendering it unusable. You’ll, of course, end up spending even more money to replace the piece more frequently. This consistent cost adds up quickly. Which means, you can shell out significantly more money for multiple “cheap” furniture pieces, or you can invest in a high quality piece, one time. The more expensive item may be a bigger investment up front, but because of the quality craftsmanship, you’ll end up keeping the piece for years to come.

Fast furniture is often made with materials that are full of toxins. Chemicals like formaldehyde, which is a human carcinogen, are often found in inexpensive furniture items, posing a serious risk to customers. Treatment for the illnesses caused by hazardous materials can begin to add up in doctor and hospital bills, even if you have health insurance. Your health is simply not worth risking in order to save a few extra dollars. Wouldn’t you agree? Cancerous materials are not the only risk you run into when purchasing cheap pieces. If you purchase items such as couches or beds, which are regularly used to hold your body weight, at a cheap rate you pose the risk of long term injury. Sitting or laying down on a furniture piece that doesn’t properly distribute your weight can affect your entire body. These types of injuries are often costly, painful, and can take years to reverse the damage.

Instead of wasting money on items you will end up purchasing over and over again, or items that can have a tremendously negative affect on your health, select pieces that are made with quality materials and quality craftsmanship. The rule of thumb is fairly simple: if you spend a good portion of your time there, a good portion of your budget should go there as well. Items previously mentioned, like beds or couches, receive a great deal of use. Therefore, the type of couch or bed frame you select should be of high quality. In addition, any item which will receive regular or frequent use will need to withstand the test of time. Furniture such as kitchen tables or outdoor furniture will see everyday use, exposure to heat, exposure to weather and sunlight, and regular abrasions. For items such as these, it’s important to select items you’ll want to love for a lifetime and items that will last a lifetime. This also means choosing quality material and craftsmanship.

Take for instance our Benson Leg Table. This table is handcrafted, customizable, and made with quality wood that will last you for years and years. Could you find a similar item for cheaper at a chain furniture store? Sure, but like we’ve already mentioned, that fast table is going to fall apart fast as well. The everyday use alone is going to destroy a mass-produced table made with lower quality materials. You’ll end up purchasing a new one every few years, costing yourself far more than you would have if you had just purchased the handcrafted piece up front.

Not to mention, the cosmetic aspect of purchasing cheap versus handcrafted furniture. Cheap furniture looks cheap. It’s evident when you buy a cheaper piece because the finish of the product and overall design is going to be far less superior to a piece made by hand by passionate professionals. When it comes to handcrafted, the pieces are made to your exact specifications. You get to take part in the design process. This ensures your furniture will truly be your perfect piece and be one you’ll cherish in your home, as opposed to purchasing a piece which was designed without your input and mass produced. Handcrafted allows for your vision and design style to truly shine through. In order to achieve this with cheap furniture, you’ll have to not only do it yourself, but also purchase even more supplies to do so. Again, this is costing you more money that you don’t need to spend.

So, as you can see, purchasing handcrafted furniture may seem more expensive up front, but will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run. You’ll be able to really see the difference in purchasing furniture made with passion, care and attention. Not to mention, you’re supporting the local economy, which in turn benefits everyone. Another advantage is that you’ll be able to make any tweaks or adjustments you like to have your design style and vision brought to life. Let’s be honest, fast furniture stores won’t be able to do that for you. So you won’t end up with your ideal furniture match, and why are you spending money on something if you don’t absolutely love it? You’ll never be able to enjoy a cheap piece of furniture for years and years to come. It’s going to end up getting thrown out, leaving you to purchase yet another item. What if it’s sold out? What if they stopped making the piece? Then you’re back to the drawing board and have to hunt all over again for another piece to complete your perfect design look. This will also cost you time and money. Instead, you could save yourself the effort, finances, and stress, and buy items that are made to last. Amish furniture, like that sold by Mattie Lu, is going to hold strong during wear and tear, weather, heat, or day-to-day use. You can love handcrafted furniture longer because it’s made with quality materials and made by professionals who truly know how furniture should be built. Save yourself the money and the headache and opt for pieces you’re going to love forever.

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