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Fall Decorating Trends For Your Porch

Fall is almost here, believe it or not! So break out your sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, it’s time for some front porch decorating. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you out.  In 2018, there are no rules for celebrating this beloved season, it’s all about expressing your personal style and taste. Decorating for the season doesn’t have to entail a complete overhaul of your living space, either. You can utilize what you already have with some minor additions to create a totally new environment for Fall. You can customize anything to match what you already have, through easy to implement details.  If orange hues and falling leaves isn’t your design aesthetic, there are a multitude of ways to create your perfect porch space that will dazzle neighbors and passersby alike.

Think pastels are Easter-only? Think again.


Delicate, light colors are a Springtime honored tradition. You might be surprised to learn that Spring isn’t the only season with a flare for the fairer hues. You don’t have to cover your home in bright orange and brown to showcase your Autumn pride. Opting for an unexpected pastel palate of peach, light blue, pink, green, and white will transform your home without overwhelming your existing decor. Can’t find traditional decor in the desired color scheme? Try going the DIY route by painting your pumpkins or gourds. You can also added a splash of pastel by decorating with some complimentary flowers. It’s an excellent way to get into the Autumnal spirit.

Add Some Metallic


Metallics are being seen in fashion and home decor trends everywhere. From the runways to kitchen accessories, metallics are all the rage. Fans of the popular trend will be thrilled to know that you don’t have to put away your passion for fall. Incorporate some shine by painting your pumpkins instead of carving them. It’s much less of a mess and keeps your pumpkins fresh for much longer. Plus, it’s a unique way to add a hint of shimmer without overpowering your other Fall decor. If that’s not quite enough for you, create a chic aesthetic with metallic statues. You can always DIY these by purchasing Fall-themed statues at any craft store and spray painting with a metallic paint. You can also do the same with pine cones found in your own backyard. Thinking outside the box can be one of the best parts of enhancing your home!

Snuggle Up With Some Pumpkins, Pillows, & Plaid


Okay, so maybe a complete revamp of your porch is too overwhelming for you to even comprehend. Never fear! There’s no need for you to go crazy with pumpkins, scarecrows, corn, hay barrels, cornucopias, or fallen leaves. A simple addition such as a pillow adorned with pumpkins or a similar Fall theme and a plaid blanket to any outdoor furniture will cozy up your porch and keep it on trend for Fall. Working with what you already have, such as the Cedar Adirondack Porch Swing, can save you time and money while decorating.

Adorn Your Entryway With Corn Husks

Martha Stewart

Many people choosing to welcome the seasonal spirit with door accents. In particular, seasonal wreaths have become a highly popular choice, for those looking to add a little something extra to their outdoor decor. If you are anything but traditional or seeking to always stand out from the pack, this tradition might be somewhat blasé to you. What do you do with an unadorned door? Well, a great DIY project you can tackle easy and affordably is a corn husk garland to hang above the door frame.  Simply weave together several dried out corn husks (enough to match the length and width of your doorway) with a needle and thread. You can also choose to incorporate ears of corn as well – the choice is yours! The result is a chic and unique accent which will remain eye-catching until Christmas!

Create A Picturesque Porch With Mums & Pumpkins


In addition to pastels, Springtime holds a monopoly on flowers. While you can get your hands on nearly every flower imaginable in the earlier part of the year, many people give up on the idea of floral arrangements after Summer has passed. But not so fast.  Mums are an excellent fall flower and make for a nearly perfect decoration alongside a plump pumpkin. You can purchase mums in a variety of sizes and colors, so they are customizable to your overall desired aesthetic. Instead of opting for an expected Fall decor, try some planters filled with mums! For an extra special touch, stack a small amount of pumpkins, each with varying sizes, next to your planters. As we’ve already mentioned, you can paint your pumpkins to coordinate to whatever color mum best fits your decor style!

Cozy Up Your Porch With A Rocking Chair

Auntie's Rocker is an Amish made rocker with leather headrest and seat at Mattie Lu
Mattie Lu

No matter the season, it seems there is nothing more relaxing than a porch sit in a well made rocking chair. Fall seems especially appropriate for this beloved pastime, as the Summer heat is fading and just before the Winter cold sets in. Rocking chairs have become widely popular in 2018 for their relaxing design and the welcoming  environment they create. Additionally, they make for perfect Fall decor all on their own! As we’ve previously mentioned, incorporating to your existing porch furniture is easy and adds an inviting atmosphere from the moment guests step foot in your home. Imagine being able to share a warm apple pie with your guests at Sunset in a Classic Poly Bent Rocker, with a plaid blanket wrapped around you. Adding quality rocking chair can last you for years to come, and in addition, can help to make your porch an Autumn oasis.

Decorating for the Autumn season really can be as involved or as hands off as you’d like it to be. The great thing about this season is that the decoration possibilities are endless and also affordable. You can even incorporate nature, such as fallen leaves, into your decor using only items found in your front lawn. Simple additions such as this can transform your porch into a completely new space. DIY projects and crafts don’t have to be a solo project. Get the family involved! Create decor together, it will make your decorations all the more meaningful. Start with a few small changes and build from there, you’ll have your dream Fall porch in no time!

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