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The Most Popular Decor Trends (& How To Make Them Work For You!)

Design is an ever changing industry. New and exciting trends are popping up frequently, and can even feel like there is a new trend every day at times. According to Diane Cocksey, senior interior decorator at Freedom, decor trends are a direct result of economics, global events, and world events. Cocksey also pointed out that fashion has a significant impact on interior design culture. “You will also find that fashion trends often transfer to home interiors. When we understand how to wear a trend we are better able to develop it into our living space,” Cocksey says.

Of course, personal taste plays a role in every home. Your unique style and preferences shape how you implement popular trends in your own space. Of course, if you aren’t represented in your own home, you won’t be able to relax or feel ownership over your space. The home itself will also determine what kinds of trends are able to be implemented as well. Certain architectural details may allow or inhibit you from trying your hand at the most popular decor trends. While architecture can be changed, it may not always be in your budget to renovate areas of your home. So today we’re going to break down ten of the most popular decor trends of 2018 and how you can recreate them in your own home, no matter your design style!



Marble has been popular for quite awhile now, as seen in decor, accessories, and fashion. John Linden is an interior designer based in Los Angeles, and is the editor of The Most Chic. In his blog post, “The Real Kitchen Design Trends in 2018”, this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Marble can be very diverse to accommodate a variety of personal tastes and preferences. While many people utilize marble for their countertops or major fixtures, marble can be incorporated in minute ways as well. Lamp bases can be a great way to incorporate marble into your everyday decor. When you’re in the kitchen, try adding a touch of marble through your appliances. Rolling pins, cake stands, cheese boards, utensil holders, and serving plates all ad the perfect touch of marble. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to add some marble either. Bathroom accessories like soap dispensers or soap dishes can be purchased at very affordable prices. If you’re looking to make a bigger marble makeover but have a smaller budget, contact paper is an excellent DIY trick to transform any tabletop!

Earth Tones

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It is a common misconception that earth tones can only be applied to decor trends with a more natural color palette, such as Rustic or Arts & Crafts. In reality, any decor style can incorporate natural tones into the overall design. While it may seem impossible, trust us, it’s not! Obvious ways to decorate is with natural wood or craftsmanship, which can be purchased on our website. Yet there are a multitude of ways to decorate with earth tones, even if you might have a more extravagant personal style.

Try decorating with artwork, such as a painting or frames which contain natural earth tones. Throws or blankets are another easy way to instantly provide a welcoming environment and a splash of natural color.

Bold Wallpaper


2018 is the year of “more is more.” While it often seems counterintuitive to pile on the decoration, when done correctly it can really transform an environment. One easy and excellent way to do this is wallpaper. You can now purchase thousands of wallpapers, most are affordable and easy to apply yourself. If you are renting, you can also find wallpapers that are easily removable and won’t damage your walls.

Utilizing a bold wallpaper can be a great way to spice up any room, especially if your other decor is a bit sparse. One of this year’s favorite bold wallpapers is florals. Big, bright, bold flowers can be a great way to brighten a room, compliment your space and make a major change without a major cost. You can also add a bit of texture with this design, which  makes the overall room appear more intriguing. If you’re not quite the bold type, try with a smaller room, like a bathroom or powder room!

Runway Inspiration


Fashion designers help to dictate the latest trends in today’s fashion. What you may not know is that interior design also takes cues from what we see walking across the runway. For example, Gucci’s latest collection featuring bold prints, patterns, and florals has translated into today’s decor design as well. Now more than ever we’re seeing bold choices and fixtures to incorporate into your daily decor.

Check out the runway shows from the latest season. Pick a designer you most identify with and pay close attention to the pieces. Look for patterns, textures, fabrics, and additional details you identify with. This can be the smallest to the most evident detail in the show. From there, you can find items that emulate that same style or trend you saw. This is a great way to ensure your design is as uniquely you as your wardrobe is!

Statement Sofas


When in a family or living room, the central piece is the couch or sofa. Which makes sense, it’s usually the focal point of comfort or entertainment. Which is why 2018 is the year of the statement sofa. Not only can it be functional, it can be fashionable too! Start by trying to find a particular design you feel most naturally drawn to. Then you can decide from there how your sofa will be the centerpiece of the room. Maybe it’s the fabric, the color, the design, or maybe it’s the pillows you use to accessorize it. There are a million ways to help your sofa stand out while still keeping with your existing decor.

Unexpected Neutrals


Most people think unless they have a Rustic design style, there’s no room for neutrals. This is simply untrue, and 2018 is here to prove that. Incorporating neutrals in an unexpected way is not only fun, it’s eye catching. Look for richer green colors to place amongst your home. You can do this in the most obvious way, by putting natural plants, such as palms, in your home. You can also think outside the box. Finding artwork or frames with a rich green hue is a terrific way to make the neutrals in the room pop. Another great way is through accessories, such as lamps or pillows!

 Mixed Metallics


While gold has been the reigning king of metals the past few years, copper and brass have pulled ahead to take the lead in 2018. In particular, copper is being used more in appliances, utensils, lamps, and accessories. In case you’re headed to throw all of your metal accents out the window, stop! Mixing metals, though once taboo, has become 2018’s biggest trend. Don’t be afraid to try switching it up! You can incorporate multiple metals into the same room. Maybe try through your furnishings, such as copper lamps and brass table legs. Even try a brass faucet with copper finishings on the cabinets. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be scared to mix it up!

Big Art Pieces


On the same note as “more is more,” accessorizing your home doesn’t have to be minimal. Artists like Jeff Koontz have really embraced the wackier side to life, giving us all permission to go a little crazy with our artwork. Oversized paintings and sculptures are all the rage in today’s day and age. This is an excellent trend if you have a large space and  just can’t seem to find enough to fill it. Try a large painting instead. This also is great if you have minimal space and don’t want to overcrowd a wall with lots of small photos. This can sometimes make a room feel too busy, whereas a single oversized piece of art can actually feel more focused.



Velvet is sometimes misconstrued as being overly luxurious. People tend to shy away from it because they feel it’s too stuffy. 2018 trends have taught us this isn’t the case. Velvet is a huge trend this year, and there are so many ways you can place this soft fabric into your decor without being ostentatious. While many choose to utilize a velvet couch, you can also add velvet pillows to any sofa or chair for a funkier, unique feel. Mixing multiple fabrics actually makes a room feel more expensive, thus giving your overall room an upgrade (even if you’re on a budget!). You can also try velvet footstools or even velvet art! Yes, velvet art is a thing!



Pantone announced that 2018’s color of the year was Violet, so naturally it’s pretty much everywhere in today’s design schemes. Tonal decor has been another popular trend the past few years, so combining the two is being seen more and more. If you’re not quite a purple enthusiast, never fear! There are many ways to add touches without a complete violet overall. Wall decor is an easy place to start. Wallpaper, frames, artwork, or lighting fixtures are all great places you can add a violet touch. If you’re looking for a more standout piece, try pillows, furniture or a throw blanket. Rugs are also a terrific way to really bring the focus to a particular color and tie the room together as a whole. If you really want to embrace the trend, go for it! Try a tonal overall and incorporate it into many pieces, as seen in the photo above! 

No matter what your design style might be, there are multiple ways to incorporate emerging trends into your home decor. Even though trends change throughout the years, there are ways to transform your existing decor to fit into the trend climate at the time. Many DIY projects can help you transition to stay up to date, no matter your budget. Don’t feel pressured to be trendy rather than being true to yourself. Remember, just because something is “popular” doesn’t mean you have to incorporate it into your home. Like we said, nothing is more important than representing your unique taste into your space. Have fun with your style and the decor trends you implement!


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